Samsung foldable AMOLED display secretly show-off at CES


There was plenty on show at this year’s CES, but it seems that Samsung was also sneaking around the event with some new secret technology. Samsung was reported showing off a prototype foldable AMOLED display to selected guest behind closed doors.

Samsung Display showcased a 5.68 inch high resolution prototype display, although it wasn’t part of any future line-up of products. Unlike previous attempts at curved/flexible technology, the new display utilises a new plastic substrate, allowing for production of paper thin displays which are highly flexible.

Importantly, the demonstration also revealed that Samsung has finally managed to reach its goal of integrating touchscreen functionality into a flexible product. This is accomplished by the use of a single layer metal mesh material, which should negate the need for a dedicated touch recognition chip and therefore help to keep costs low.

Samsung’s foldable AMOLED technology is destined for the company’s next generation of products, rumoured to be appearing sometime in 2015.



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