What Samsung is saying about the Galaxy S5

Samsung isn’t going to make a big song-and-dance when it finally reveals its next flagship smartphone, at least not literally. When it announced last year’s Galaxy S 4, the company put on a pretty grand show in New York. However, that isn’t to say the current darling of Android is keeping everything a secret when it comes to theGalaxy S5. In fact, the company has shared a surprising amount about what to expect, without us even getting close to the rumor mill. And, because Samsung makes the majority of its smartphone components in-house (processor, screen and battery) many of these announcements are made from the sidelines, months in advance, then not-so-miraculously appear (eventually) in the company’s mobile devices.

“Last year’s Samsung flagship didn’t scream that it was truly a new phone in its own right … something that Samsung’s Mobile EVP, Lee Young Hee even admitted.”

Broadly, Samsung’s said that it’s had a “back to basics” rethink on its next smartphone — a good idea given that the GS 4 really didn’t fall far from the Galaxy S tree. Slimmer, faster and sharper are all good, but last year’s flagship didn’t scream that it was truly a new phone in its own right. It’s even something that Samsung’s Mobile EVP Lee Young Hee, admitted in an interview withBloomberg. “It’s partly true that consumers couldn’t really feel much difference between the two products from the physical perspective.” With this year’s model, she added, “mostly it’s about the display and the feel of the cover.” So that’s the front and back, right? At its most asinine, it could simply mean the GS5 will pillage the faux leather effect that’s now the standard on both Samsung Android tablets and its Note 3 series. Samsung’s already transplanted the look to a limited-runGalaxy S 4, but it’s the mention of changes to the screen that’s got us a little more enthused than last year.

Samsung’s Galaxy Round was the first curved-screen phone, but it felt more like a proof-of-concept than a must-have smartphone. Software utilization of the odd curvature didn’t really sell the concept, and (especially compared to LG’s G Flex) distribution outside of Korea was (and still is) a rarity. Will the next smartphone follow up on the Galaxy Round’s shape or take the curved-screen notion somewhere that’s a little more, well, useful? When Samsung first introduced its smartphone-centered curved-screen technology, it was with a new concept family:Youm.

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